Japan Airlines is striving to become the world’s most preferred and valued airline group.

-- Tell us about Japan Airlines

Serina Koh, Cabin Crew Assistant Manager

Serina: Japan Airlines (JAL) is striving to become the world’s most preferred and valued airline group. We fly to over 50 international destinations as JAL group alone and to over 350 international destinations in 45 countries including code-sharing flights.

We are striving to become the world’s most preferred and valued airline group and Singapore branch is strategically one of the most important locations for JAL because as many as over 50 million passengers from various counries arrive at and depart from Changi Airport every year, which makes it one of the busiest airports in the world. We employ more than 100 Singapore based cabin crews and are looking to expand even bigger.

Jennifer Goh, Cabin Crew - joined in 2012

Thomas Boey, Cabin Crew - joined in 2014

-- How was your training life in Japan?

Thomas: I just completed my 2.5 months training in Japan and enjoyed my stay there very much. Of course I visited famous touristy places like Shibuya, Harajuku, and Tokyo Disney Resort, but I also enjoyed visiting villages and farms as I am a nature lover. I am also looking forward to experiencing all 4 seasons in Japan. Japan is a country that is very different from other countries in many aspects. What amazed me the most in Japan which I found different from other countries I had visited before like Malaysia or Thailand is the people. Not to say others are not but I find Japanese people very polite, humble and caring and I feel that Japan is a leading country for hospitality.

-- What makes you say that?

Thomas: Japanese way of hospitality is not to provide what someone asks you for, but to care for others and understand from the body language what they are thinking and provide what they want. One good example from my last flight from Japan to Singapore is that I noticed one passenger, who had already had a couple of drinks, seemed a bit uncomfortable. When I approached him, he told me that he felt bad for asking for more drinks or assistance. I told him it is not only our job but also our pleasure to serve him to ensure his stay with us is a pleasant one. He thanked me for that and I was very happy that I was able to put myself in his shoes and noticed that he needed assistance.

-- How would you describe your job at JAL?

Jennifer: I am a very customer service oriented person and for someone like myself, after 2 years with the company, I believe JAL is the place to learn tip-top service. We have a program called MMP, Magic Moment Program, which comes from the JAL philosophy to make every single passenger feel special with our personalized service. It makes me very happy and proud when passengers thank me personally by calling my name to thank me. We are professionals and the service we provide at JAL is the service I would like to receive as a customer.

-- What kind of training does the company provide to train cabin crews so professional?

Jennifer: We receive many types of training in Singapore and Japan, from Japanese language and business manner to aircraft facilities and in-flight operations. Throughout all the trainings and my daily work, JAL does not only teach me to provide better service but JAL shaped my personality into who I am today.

Thomas: I only joined this year but I feel the same. JAL does not only teach me to become a cabin crew but also to become a person who feels for one another. I am not a passenger but my colleagues care for me and treat me very well because it’s already in their nature.

Jennifer: The job is very rewarding for those who like to travel to see the world and interact with people. With the philosophy, the people and the team, this is a place you can grow.